July 2017

  1. BizzieBaby reviews EyeLifting Gel

    BizzieBaby reviews EyeLifting Gel
    Davina @ BizzieBaby says "The product feels like quality feels like it starts working from when it is first applied. Couldn’t get any easier just take the wand out like a lipstick and apply to the areas of the eye you would like it on." Click here to read the rest of the article and to see what the other...
  2. LipVolume Chocolate

    LipVolume Chocolate
    Over 60s blogger Lyn @ TheLavenderBarn Saying "This product works, and works well, I have been using this recently instead of lipstick, as being "Chocolate"  it has an almost bronze shimmer which is nice for not overly made up days, what it does do is plump out the lines in the lips giving a fuller smoother look.' Read the rest...

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