Charity Event with The King’s School & The Christie

A wonderful fundraiser took place at The King’s School in Macclesfield, a fashion show and auction! Here at Transformulas, we lovingly donated one of every product from our entire range and packaged them in one of our limited edition leather beauty cases.
Victoria, a representative for King’s said “King’s were so grateful of the very generous raffle prize and it definitely generated lots of interest! Even in the staff room beforehand, after I hand delivered it to them. The recipient of the case I spoke to  afterwards and was so chuffed with it…’s always lovely to be presented with an unexpected gift of indulgence, and especially at this time of year.”

Transformulas The Christie

YouthFul Hands & Feet in WOW Beauty

YouthFul Hands & Feet has been snapped up by Beauty Bloggers at WOW Beauty

“This hand cream has the tag line of ‘invisible gloves’ because it creates a ‘glove like’ barrier on the hands but this doesn’t mean that it’s sticky or annoying…it actually penetrates really well and is easily absorbed. Plus, your hands feel good for a long time afterwards, so there’s no need to keep digging in your bag to reapply.”

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ArmLift featured in Brown Beauty Talk

Beauty blog Brown Beauty Talks got their hands on our ArmLift and have left a wonderful review.

“Although the texture and the sensations took some getting used to, I learned to love the Transformulas ArmLift, which left a good first impression on me. I would want to use it for a little longer before recommending it so I would buy this and possibly try out some of the other products. Transformulas seems to have a solution for almost everything.”

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