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EyeLightening Serum

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This all round eye area beauty treatment is designed to be used over a minimum period of 30 days, applied twice a day. This gradually lightens dark circles, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as combatting puffy eyes. This product is a handbag essential for women (and men) everywhere, one application leaves your under eye area feeling refreshed and awake. Perfect for the office, on the go or as a quick pick me up throughout the day.

  • Relax tension in the delicate area around the eyes
  • Restore collagen structure
  • Improve firmness and elasticity
  • Give immediate, long-lasting reduction of fine lines
  • Reduce puffiness … fast!

Apply a small amount of treatment to freshly cleansed skin, before any other creams or serums, twice a day (morning and night).

To be applied around the eye area to target dark circles, puffiness and fine lines. You will feel an instantly cooling and calming sensation.  The treatment then absorbs naturally, lightening and brightening the under eye area. Use two pumps of the serum and sweep under the eye area by the nose outwards towards the outer corner of the eye, covering the entire area to be treated including any fine lines around the eyes using your index finger, gently smooth or tap any excess serum around the eye area, being careful not to drag the delicate skin.

Do not use an excessive amount.

Eyeseryl and Gatuline Expression
An award-winning combination that actively interrupts the ageing process, keeping skin stronger and more elastic, for longer.

Panthenol with Vitamin B 
Well-known in the skincare industry for it’s revitalising and conditioning effects.

Acetyl Tetrapeptide‐5 
Visibly brightens the skin and actively targets any under eye bags.

Lactic Acid 
Instantly nourishes dry skin and helps to prevent the early formation of wrinkles. 

In clinical tests, 95% of patients using the Transformulas Eye Lightening Serum treatment had improved eye congestion and visibly smoother skin after use and with continued use 70% of volunteers noticed puffiness was greatly reduced after 15 days. 

Stop foundation sitting in fine lines under the eyes by applying a sweep of EyeLightening serum over your foundation. Leave it to absorb slightly, then gently blend away any excess residue.

Use twice daily over a 30-day period and continue to use daily for ongoing, maximum results.

For use during the day use the under eye technique over make-up without leaving any residue. 


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