1. Top 3 tips for hyperpigmentation

    Skin deep blog - Top tips for treating hyperpigmentation



    So, you have hyperpigmentation . Or at least you’re concerned about the future condition of your skin and how hyperpigmentation can play a part in it. Either way it’s about time to debunk the myths and get the facts straight, don’t you think? The truth is although most people have already experienced this harmless and extremely common skin condition at some point in their lives, It can be quite troublesome and become a factor that cripples our overall self confidence.

    Hyperpigmentation is a medical term that refers to dark patches and spots that can appear on the surface of the skin with excess melanin production. The dark patches are usually caused by sun damage, hormone changes (to which we’d use the

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  2. Winter Skincare Essentials

    Winter Skincare Essentials

    Winter Skin Care Essentials 


    As we approach the height of winter, you may notice dry, itchy skin and a lack of radiance - these are common winter skin concerns but with a few essentials you can change this

    The constant mix of cold weather and toasty central heating can wreak havoc on your skin this time of year. 

    Making a few simple tweaks to your routine can help to lock in hydration, reduce inflammation and redness and keep your skin protected. 




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