Valentines Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide:


When Valentine’s Day rolls around it’s easy to get carried away with the idea of showing others you care, so much so that we forget that this day of romance can be about treating yourself to that same love and care. No one can love you better than you can love yourself, so who is better to show you the affection and care you’re capable of.

As the largest organ of our body, it’s no surprise the skin is where we wear most of our worries. Our stress organs can create cycles of inflammation and accelerate skin ageing and other wear and tear. So whether you have a special someone, celebrating with your mates or flying solo this holiday, find time to practice self care and use our Gift Guide to fall in love with our skin saving collection.


Lip Volume:

Lip enhancement products have been all the rage in the last few years, but our lip volume enhancement serum enhances the fullness of lips by 40%! Not only that but it helps to stimulate collagen in the lips and reduce cellular damage caused by the sun and ageing. With the texture of serum, our lip volume doubles as a moisturiser and is applied as a non-sticky lip gloss that defines and contours your lips to the max!

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Marine Miracle creme:

Dive in to our award-winning Marine Miracle Crème, rich in vitamin C & E and infused with marine algae, giant sea kelp and sea salt extract to completely revitalise your skin, boost collagen, moisturise and firm skin as well as minimising lines and wrinkles. The Marine Miracle Creme promises to make your skin more visibly smooth and plumper in 30 days of use, no wonder it’s been flying off the shelves ever since! Happy Valentine’s Day to me ❤️

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Eye Retouch:

Your new crush this February is our secret weapon against dark circles! The Eye retouch is your new favourite on the go skincare make-up hybrid, from its application dispenser that ensures you get the perfect amount every time to the results that you see instantly from its use. It deeply nourishes the eye area with de-aging ingredients such as Eyeseryl and Gatuline Expression, reducing dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles instantly with luminous coverage.

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Marine Miracle Eyezone:

Our light-weight repairing eye concentrate is another award-winner with it’s marine plant extracts akin to the Miracle Marine Creme. In addition it contains a five times ultra-concentrated Aldavine™5X, an ingredient proven to increase cell regeneration, hydrating, moisturising, de-ageing and smoothing the sensitive eye area for long lasting anti-ageing and anti-fatigue results.

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Flawless Photoglow SPF 30+:

What’s that? You want another award-winning product? No problem! For your daily protector against UV rays and environmental aggressors; look no further than our Flawless Photoglow with SPF30+.  It’s a Transformulas signature formula that shields the skin against signs of ageing and anti-oxidants. Distinguished in its UVA and UVB Ray Filters and reported to have had 100% increase in testers glow after 2 weeks of use and 80% in luminosity in clinical trials!

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Which one will you be treating your loved ones (or yourself) to this Valentine’s?

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