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After reading last week's blog on our Transformulas founder Rosi Chapman’s experience in the beauty industry, we hoped that at least the tiniest voice inside your head would have said to yourself “I could do that too” while having a read. Well, this week we’re informing you that yes, you can do it too! You can make your very own skincare brand from the ground up, it won’t be easy but if you truly believe in your vision and have the drive to make it a reality then anything is quite literally possible in the beauty industry. With the help of the right industry experts you can be able to get pretty much anywhere.

Rosi Chapman, our Transformulas founder launched her brand creation business to help entrepreneurs and business owners bring their products to life. Rosi is well known in the beauty industry as your go-to quality beauty products with her brand Transformulas. Known for her ‘Beauty WITHOUT Surgery’ slogan and products that are loved by many including celebrities such as Anna Wintour, Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Victoria Beckham and more.

Following the success of her own brand Rosi wanted to use these skills with future beauty brand entrepreneurs. Being passionate about creating products that give results is her main attribute for her success and now her experience of over 15 years will be passed on to her clients. Her aim is to help likeminded beauty and skincare owners create products that will make a difference, just like hers did. From packaging to product research to sales Rosi helped establish beauty businesses such as Brows by Sarah,

‘During a brow appointment with Sarah she mentioned an idea of creating an anti ageing mascara for your brow with the ability to fluff them up to meet demand for the trending brow lamination treatment.  I knew instantly it would be a desirable product, that I could create the formula for, so it was a no brainer.’ Rosi comments, If you have a beauty business that you would like to get off the ground then Rosi is the perfect mentor to help you launch your brand.

The team thought we’d tell some secret top industry tips in our blog this week and share some essential information on establishing and growing your very own brand :

Develop your niche product and set your price range.


You may not believe how much your price range affects your target audience. It's one of the major factors of defining your beauty products as it dictates the ingredients you use, the design of your products and the competition you face. The beauty industry is one of the most competitive and over-saturated markets, so this can be a difficult stage to approach to find the gap in the market that the skincare industry hasn’t addressed. The best place to start is with your own products and asking friends and family about their skincare concerns, researching online and then developing your products and its ingredients as well as what areas your competition haven’t approached.

Private label guru and beauty business coach Melody Bockelman had this insight from early on when developing her label and coaching many other businesses. Melody informs all small beauty businesses “ it’s important to prove the demand for what you want to make before wasting time and cash on a fruitless endeavor. “Do market research,” she suggested, information on competitors and the marketplace will give you an idea about what prices to set and whether there is any demand.

Scaling up!


It takes roughly 2 hours or less to create a rough website draft for your brand through Squarespace, Shopify or Wix. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be a starting point for your personal reflection on the brand. Scaling up your production can be tricky, especially when choosing where best to produce your beauty products.

Jillian Wright, founder of her own self-titled beauty brand and creator of the Indie Beauty Expo, explained the benefits of outsourcing manufacturing to a secure lab. “Some indie beauty brands manufacture at home, but I use an external lab, as it’s easier to ensure everything is sterile. However, beauty is a fairly unregulated industry, so you can bottle a product at home. Just be sure to do your research first to make sure your facility is germ-free.”

However Ashley Prange, founder of certified organic brand Au Naturale Cosmetics, has 26 staff members working every day from her home-based lab manufacturing her line so it certainly is possible, even for larger companies to host production at home.


Registering your business


Registering your business is one of the steps that seems to be the least creatively charged and inspiring to your business, we would like to say that the latter is absolutely not true! There can be something exhilarating about establishing your business in the legal sense, and something as little as defining whether you are a sole trader, partnership or limited company can be a huge step for your business goals. Research in intricate detail how you can be able to register your business based on your business structure, as this will affect the process of establishing your business. All you need to establish your business is your National Insurance number and you’re all set to go!

In this stage our top tip would be to urge you to read up on insurance and if you are able to find the budget we’d recommend finding an accountant and a lawyer early on to help you navigate these legal matters (there’s only so much accurate information available on the internet, after all). However if you find you aren’t able to stretch the budget the next best option would be websites like LegalZoom to navigate difficult topics like product liability insurance.


Develop branding and Packaging


Now the fun part! You get to design your logo and packaging for your beauty brand! The best investment you can make at this point is to invest in a talented designer you are in contact with or is in your network. Platforms like and Fiverr may seem tempting budget-wise but it’s worth sacrificing the custom sticker, and branded mailer packaging for one really eye-catching and kick-butt logo!

Some of our favourite designs are the Glossier and Sakrid logos, brands that stay consistent in their aesthetic and have bold and eye-catching logos that embody the brand whilst targeting the correct audiences.

Jillian Wright warns that business owners also need to be careful about what is written on the packaging: “Stay away from anything you can’t back up,” she explained, adding that claiming a product is anti-aging or “protects” the skin is a no-no if you aren’t able to back this up.

Build a marketing strategy.


It’s estimated that an Instagram Influencer with 20,000 followers can generate around £20,000 each month in revenue, micro-influencers may offer exposure for free products but verified accounts as well as accounts over 15k will usually expect payment. With all the followings, price lists and verified accounts it can be very easy to lose track of your Instagram marketing strategy at this stage and want to get exposure of your product to as many people as possible. This almost never works as you have a lot of brands also competing for the attention of the public, the best strategy is to look over your brand values, your aesthetic, what benefits your skincare will have on individuals, basically taking a deep dive back into who these products are actually for.

If it’s a product that specializes in acne products at an affordable price range then look for an influencer who tracks their acne through instagram and is working regularly with affordable products, If your line is entirely cruelty-free and vegan then look for vegan skincare influencers and so on. Finding the right people to attach to your brand can be a full time job! Usually if you want results faster it’s best to get a strong marketing team that has a broad network in the beauty industry and take advantage of their knowledge and influence and delegate marketing to an experienced team. Marketing and press are a constant uphill battle. One featured in Vogue is not going to blow up your business overnight. You have to have a team that constantly works with influencers, and a good publicist or digital strategist can work wonders for brand exposure.

From brainstorming your brand in your living room with a glass of wine to sending your final products to beauty influencers across the globe, you’ll realise that bringing your vision to life is not nearly as difficult as you initially thought. With the help of advisors, mentors and hopefully this blog you’ll start to make the first steps to developing your business. Relying on industry experts not only helps you develop your brand sooner, but also introduces you to the exclusive network of people in the industry that you would not have had access to if not for Rosi’s brand creation business. Following the previous tips will not only help you save money, but also save time with the dozens of calls you would have needed to make and the time spent on developing strategies and emails sent to industry experts.

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