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NEWS: Transformulas introduce Diamond Lift Brightening Complex

January 20, 2012
By Eleanor Tucker

Diamond Lift Brightening Complex, available exclusively from, is a brand new light-refracting, lifting treatment, which has just launched in the UK.

What’s really special about it is that it is a powerful anti-ageing formula, containing the unique Gaultine Expression as well as diamond powder, vitamins and minerals to tone the skin’s collagen fibres. These are the semi-permanent effects and long-term benefits to keep skin youthful, lifted and toned.

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Transdox Colonic Purifying Capsules in the January / February 2012 issue of Beauty Salon News

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Coverage of new Diamond Lift in the Aberdeen Evening Express

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Diamond Lift review on Strawberry Blonde Beauty Blog

Well they do say diamonds are a girl’s best friend…and this girl could not resist an invite to be one of the first to try skincare containing diamond dust!

‘Diamond Lift Brightening Complex’ is the latest launch of cosmeceutical specialist, Transformulas, and contains diamond powder, vitamins and minerals to tone the skin’s collagen fibres.

‘Along with unique anti-ageing and reviving Gaultine Expression, the rich cream is packed with luxurious ingredients to provide instant results, semi-permanent effects and long-term benefits.’

Design to keep skin looking skin youthful, lifted and toned, this product claims to help your complexion look radiant even after a night’s partying.  According to Transformulas, this product brings the following benefits…

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Coverage of Hydration Gold on

A beauty secret worth its weight in gold: New cream contains 23 carat of the precious metal

It is the beauty secret that really could be worth its weight in gold.

According to scientists, using the precious metal on the skin can slow the ageing process and brighten the complexion.

And now a new treatment which contains particles of 23 carat gold claims to bring the benefits to the high street.

The Hydration Gold moisturiser, priced at £39 for 15ml, had a waiting list of 5,000 before it hit the shelves this month, and Boots sold all of its stock in just eight hours.

The makers of the cream claim it triggers the production of collagen.

Other ingredients in the cream include hyaluronic acid – a substance found naturally in the body which can hold up to 3,000 times its weight in water, giving it a fantastic ability to quench dry skin, retain moisture and combat wrinkles.

Rosi Chapman of Transformulas, the company behind the product, said: ‘The main benefit of including 23 carat pure gold is its ability to instantly create a sheer veil of radiance on the skin that is often lost through age.

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Alluring Eyes gift set included in the Last Minute Christmas gift guide of Sadie Whitelock’s Telegraph beauty blog

Last minute Christmas Shopping: Women’s Gifts over £20

Following on from the last Christmas gift guide posted earlier today, sometimes there are some women in your life that are so special that you can’t help but to splurge money – gifts under £20 just don’t seem good enough. Here’s a guide of the best Christmas gifts over £20 to give women this Christmas season, we’ve also marked out two of Beautylicious favourites!

Don’t forget to stay tuned for last minute Christmas Shopping for Men special feature tomorrow.

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Coverage of Transformulas’ new Wrinkleblock Line Restriction Crème on

Venomous skincare to sink your teeth into

Bee venom, dragon’s blood and snake serums may sound like the stuff of nightmares, but these sinister-sounding ingredients are the latest skin heros in the quest for eternal youth.

The Royals are known to be fans of Bee Venom technology, which has been found to help with cell regeneration (they do have blue blood after all) and after 12 years of research, Manuka Doctor have got in on the act with their brand new range of anti-aging skincare launching into Holland & Barrett this month.

With over 10,000 bee stings per pot and prices starting from £16.99, it’s high tech skincare without getting stung on price.

And from bees to snakes, high-street hero Boots have just announced that as of January they’ll be stocking Transformulas’ new Wrinkleblock Line Restriction Crème, £37, which contains SYN-AKE, a synthetic ingredient that mimics the venom of the Temple Viper with temporary Botox-like effects.

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Festive Boost featured on

Festive Boost

A lovely gift for ladies who would like to look their best over Christmas, the Ultimate Lift gift set sculpts, tightens and lifts the skin, giving it a fresh boost. This gift set includes anti-ageing FaceContour Tightening Crème (RRP £35), which combats sagging jowls and wrinkles, as well as Transformulas’ hero product, EyeLifting Gel (RRP £29), which minimizes crow’s feet and the appearance of black bags.

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The Ultimate Lift coverage from the Huffington Post

Peel, smoothe and stretch back the years with this fabulous collection of innovative anti-ageing products. Tackle dark circles and eye bags, sagging skin and facial wrinkles with its hard-working serums and lotions.

The Ultimate Lift, £46.95, Transformulas.


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Coverage of StainLess Teeth Whitener in the January 2012 issue of Marie Claire

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